Korea Influenza Sequence & Epitope Database

A web based interface, provides users with genetic information about influenza viruses by
  • establishing influenza genome sequences.
  • comparing user's sequences with those of vaccine strains.
  • analyzing drug resistance mutation in user's sequences.
  • providing information about epitope.

The objective is to develop influenza virus resources and strengthen the platform of influenza research.
The genomic sequences are mostly obtained from the data of seasonal influenza viruses isolated in South Korea and NCBI Influenza Virus Sequence Database.
It functions a set of user friendly interface to retrieve influenza virus genetic information, such as Search and Analysis.

The data is produced by two methods
  • obtained from KINRESS(Korea Influenza and Respiratory Viruses Surveillance System) reports 17 provincial Institute of Health & Environment.
  • deposited by researchers through the Influenza Sequence Service Program of KDCA to support studies relevant to influenza virus research.